Who Should Join?

Any person or company involved, owning or operating midstream energy-related facilities is welcome to join the MidContinent. Our members produce, gather, transport, and market natural gas and natural gas products. They represent all aspects of the gas industry, including those who provide services or supplies. MCGPA Midstream offers individual memberships for a nominal fee of $50 per person or $250 for corporate. 

Membership Benefits

Professional Development & Networking Opportunities

MCGPA Midstream plans local training and events such as luncheons, golf tournaments, sporting clays, etc., which provide members an excellent opportunity to not only directly support the Midstream Industry, but also socialize/network with other individuals who represent all aspects of the Midstream Industry.  
In addition, MCGPA Midstream hosts a Regional Conference each November which provides an opportunity for members to share best practices, discuss the industry's latest legislative and regulatory information, and benefit from scheduled technical  sessions conducted by industry experts.


There are numerous career opportunities in the Midstream Industry all throughout the MidContinent Area. Relationships developed through MCGPA Midstream events, the regional conference, technical training and scholarship activities/fundraisers will enhance the possibility of employment in the Midstream Industry. Additionally those already working in this industry can use the association to further their careers.

The MCGPA Midstream website does not currently post open positions for our members; however, you are welcome to visit the public MCGPA Linkedin Page and view/post jobs which are industry appropriate.

Apply / Renew Membership

 The membership dues are only $50 per person or $250 for a corporate membership for each fiscal year, which runs annually from January 1st to the following December 31st.